Two Fruits

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Week 49 - On the Up

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  3,815.35 kms in 49 weeks at ave  77.9 kms ( down from 78.0 kms in week 48)

Last week:  72.1 kms

Altitude:  97,613 metres in 49 weeks at ave  1,992 metres ( up from 1,976 metres in week 48)

Last week:  2,758 metres

The vert is again going up and a yearly average over 2,000 metres per week is on the cards.
Two rest days this week. Both no real excuses, just lack of motivation when other distractions are the easy option.
A weather change with very strong winds following overnight rain was the easy opt out today.
Last weekend a hilly long run of 30 kms with 1200 metres of climbing to a mountain top with wonderful views made up most of the week's figures.
Add on a mid week double over Goat Hill of 19 kms with 990 metres of vert and the week's work is almost done. Good for running, but not very enticing, the weather has remained stuck in early spring. It's still cloudy, we don't see much sunshine, and cool with sometimes very strong westerly winds.
There is a chance, according to the forecast, of snow on the very higher peaks this week. Probably won't see any, but you never know.
I won't be doing too much intense running for the remained of the year. Just enough to get over the 4 in distance & over the 100 in vertical metres.
The first part of next year has almost been settled into the plan. But after March, no idea at all.
Hopefully, living the life of a " grey nomad " will be the go for a few months to escape the cold of winter.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Week 48 - Getting Close to Targets

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  3,743.25 kms in 48 weeks at ave 78.0 kms ( down from 78.05 km at week 47)

Last week:  74.85 kms

Altitude:  94,855 metres in 48 weeks at ave  1,976 metres ( up from 1,953 metres at week 47)

Last week:  3,050 metres

November:  7,223 metres in 24 run days at ave 300 metres per run.

With year drawing to a close, there are two challenges to be met with only December to go.
Getting past 4000 kms would seem to be attainable if altitude challenge of 100,000 metres is achieved.
A couple of good vert training runs this week helped reduce the target nicely. One run last Saturday up to Collins Bonnet ( height aboe sea level 1,260 metres) yielded 1,000 metres and another run up to Mt Nelson Signal Station gave 888 metres.
Add on a couple of 230 metres days and a good week considering a rest day on Tuesday.
Ewen, I have considered putting my data on Strava, but I've checked the mountain running athletes on Skyrunning Strava and they put me to shame.
Leading Aussie ladies are at almost 160,000 metres for the year with a month to go with 4500 kms of running all at 5' 30" km pace. I think I'll just keep my figures secret, just the few who read this post will know.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Week 47 - Reversing the Trend

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  3,668.4 kms in 47 weeks at ave  78.05 km ( up from 77.8 kms in weeks 46)

Last week:  90.4 kms

Altitude:  91,805 metres in 47 weeks at ave  1,953 metres ( up from 1,928 metres in week 46)

Last week:  3,133 metres

As the year draws to a close, it's getting harder to move the averages.
I have been chasing a target of 100,000 metres of altitude gain in this year. A couple of good elevation runs in the past 7 days have moved the vert average up a bit. Getting that back above 2,000 metres is dreaming.
Today's run was only 18.7 kms but I got almost 1,100 metres out of it doing a double over a hill behind Glenorchy ( northern Hobart suburb).
For a change, it was all fire trail. However, some was rocky & steep & slow going. It was good fun and a course I will do again. It's only a 5 minute drive from home. I wouldn't run there as it's all bike path and road.
The vert challenge is there to be met. Just need a few weeks of nice weather. Not hopeful, as we can't get more than a day or so of reasonable conditions in a row.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Week 46 - P2P - Not Quite

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:   3,578.0 kms in 46 weeks at ave  77.8 kms ( down from 78.4 at week 45)

Last week:  50.9 kms

Altitude:  88,672 metres in 46 weeks at ave  1,928 metres ( down from 1,949 metres at week 45)

Last week:  980 metres

A week highlighted ( may be) by the running of the annual Point to Pinnacle run from Hobart's Wrest Point Casino to the top of Mt Wellington.
Low light was the race was changed to an out and back due to weather conditions on the mountain. Apparently low cloud, severe rain, high winds & a wind chill temp of -10 is enough for the race directors and the police to turn the race at half way.
Good news is we still had a half marathon to run. With just under 600 metres of up hill, it changed the race as most would not have trained for a 10 kms down hill finish.
Still a good number of entrants turned up from the 3000 entries. I think about 200 no shows is pretty good considering conditions on the day were fairly miserable, rain/showers all day, cool but little wind at sea level.
I finished 545th out of about 1400 in the running section. About the same number of walkers also competed. In my age group, veteran's male, not sure where this started, I finished 86th. But, in the over 60's, I was 7th male. Happy with that, I'm not a road runner & would have preferred an all the way up hill.
Figures for the week low as there were 2 lay days before the Sunday run. Ran every day after, first couple were slow, but last two were relaxed & comfortable.
Feeling good now, a 15 minute relax in the river on Monday was terrific.
I'll plan on doing an ultra in Feb next year ( 101 kms trail with hills). Build base until Christmas, then go full on in January & early Feb. It's a very scenic coastal run in NW Tasmania.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Week 45 - Two Weeks Below Average

Running: Year to Date

Distance:   3,527.1 kms in 45 weeks at ave 78.4 km ( down from 79.4 km in week 43)

Last 2 weeks:  111.65 kms

Altitude:  87,692 metres in 45 weeks at ave  1,949 metres ( down from 1,986 metres in week 45)

Last 2 weeks  2,296 metres

Not the best two weeks but there was a good hilly run 10 days ago. A mountain top called Collins Bonnet with a summit at 1,260 metres ASL is only 10 metres below the height of Mt Wellington.
Mostly on rough fire trails with the last 1 km a climbing over large rocks following posts as there is no track.
This area would be wonderful when covered in snow in winter. It was nice on this day.
The rest of the past 2 weeks was a bit hit & miss running when the chance was there. We had 6 days in the north of the state attending a family funeral.
Not many hilly area to run, let alone find something more serious in altitude resulting in the poor figures above.
I have Point to Pinnacle on this Sunday starting at Wrest Point Casino in Hobart and finishing on top of Mt Wellington. Basically a half marathon ( on road, not my favourite) in distance with the finish line at 1,270 metres ASL. Very little down hill, the first half is a gentle climb, the last half gets tougher. Hopefully I can run it all.
Just looking for a good result in my age group among the other 3000 entrants.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Week 43 - Reversing the fall in Vert

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  3,415.45  kms in 43 weeks at ave  79.4. kms ( down from 79.5 km in week 42)

Last week:  75.15 kms

Altitude:  85,396 metres in 43 weeks at ave  1,986 metres ( up from 1,976 metres in week 42)

Last week:  2,389 metres

A good week for vert, sub par for distance.
That's a good summary for a 6 day run week, last Friday off, too busy shopping & other general odd jobs. As well, it ended an 8 day streak which doesn't really matter as I have had 10 non running days this month.
This month has been more about moving into our new home & start the unpacking process. We are settled, although the unpacking is slow. Trying to downsize & work out what to keep, where it will go & what to get rid of will take some time.
This past week, ending today again marked by the lack of a decent long run. One 2 hour run is no where near long enough when I consider a long run to be over 3 hours & pushing 5 hours if possible.
However, above average altitude gain is a positive. One run just over 1,000 metres, one at 630 metres and one at just over 300 metres, all good efforts, made me happy.
Finally, we had our best weather day since arrive on the island and on that day I had a beautiful 15 minutes standing in the river to help out the legs to recover.
So, all good. Point to Pinnacle mountain race is just over 2 weeks away. Apart from the hard road surface, won't like that, looking forward to the challenge of getting from sea level to summit at 1,270 metres.  

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Week 42 - Below Average

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  3,340.3 kms in 42 weeks at ave  79.5 kms ( down from 79.7 kms in week 41)

Last week:  69.55 kms

Altitude:  83,007 metres in 42 weeks at ave  1,976 metres ( down from 1,984 metres in week 41)

Last week:  1,634 metres

The week has consisted of running each day, the good news. However, with the house still full of unpacked boxes, there is plenty of work yet to do to make living less hectic.
No excuses, but we have continued to have almost winter weather with at least some rain every day. Late afternoon storms, sometimes only a few minutes are happening.
Two days ago, I went out running late afternoon wearing two shirts and a waterproof jacket as rain looked likely. It did rain half way through my run, but without gloves, my fingers froze. Air temp was 7 degrees, apparent temp 2 degrees. Wind chill, it was freezing.
I'm really running by opportunity at the moment. Far too many variables & interruptions, including the weather, to make contact with Hobart locals.
After Point to Pinnacle in 4 week's time, I'll take a one week break. I will probably run the GoneNuts101 km in late February next year. I can get serious about getting distance & time on feet. The long course of 101 kms includes about 2,500 metres of up hill but by the look of the course profile, there is nothing too serious in steepness.
Meantime, please can we have a day of sunshine in Tasmania. The daytime temp doesn't have to be too high, but so far in the past 2 and a half months, we haven't had a cloud free day.