Two Fruits

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Convicts & Wenches 50 km at Greens Beach, Tas

Running:  First Race of the Year

Distance as Advertised:   50 kms

Distance I ran:   51.75 kms

Time:  6 hrs 23 mins 12 secs

Rate:  7' 24" per km

Altitude:  618 metres

Surface:  50% trail,  50% beach sand

This race will rate in the top 3 of all time as far as location, scenery, great organisation, friendly volunteers & other competitors.
I still can't believe how good this day was. Located near the mouth of the Tamar River in northern Tasmania, it has no road except for the first 30 metres. The rest is all single walking track or beach sand with a small section of around 100 metres of jumping over a few rocks to get to the beach.
There were two beaches to run along on the 25 kms out & the same on the return.
In between, a climb, not difficult, over Badger Head but this is where the views are at their best.
With the tide going out to reveal nice hard sand, very flat so no waves to surf.
Although not a big field in the 50 km, the other associated events attracted good numbers so the RD's would have been very happy.
Perfect weather, sunny, mild temp, 20 degrees top in the afternoon, no wind, low humidity making great running conditions.
I absolutely loved this event, my kind of running with no pressure anymore to get good results. Finished near 2 hours behind the young gun winner, although I doubt he stopped as many times as I did to take many photos.
Here are a few I took during the run. I don't think they do justice to how beautiful this area to run really is.

Race day & race time are chosen to have an out tide as shown in the bottom photo. Big distance between runners, there is no rule as to the exact path you have to run on the beach.
Conclusion, one of the best & scenic events I have ever done outside of some high mountain races which are still my favourite. Do this one again ? You bet, can't wait until Sunday 22nd April next year.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Week 8 - Getting Figures back in Sync

Running: Year to Date

Distance:  656.4 kms in 8 weeks at ave  82.05 kms ( down from 88.6 kms in week 7)

Last week:  35.9 kms

Altitude:  20,791 metres in 8 weeks at ave  2,599 metres ( down from 2,861 metres in week 7)

Last week:  765 metres

Last report I included Sunday in the week's results in error. The end of a week ( 7 days ) this year is on a Saturday.
This week anyway is the start of a rest/tapering week as I have Convicts & Wenches 50 km in northern Tasmania next weekend.
The event I'm in is mostly beach sand running, hoping the tide will be out, with a little trail to get around a headland.
Biggest factor will be the wind if it blows. Most likely to be a north westerly off the sea. That would mean a head wind going out & hopefully some assistance on the return. Here is a photo from the event website,
looks good. That sand may be a leg killer.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Week 7 - A Good Week

Running: Year to Date

Distance:   620.5 kms in 7 weeks at ave  88.6 kms ( up from 86.7 kms in week 6)

Last week:  100.3 kms

Altitude:  20,026 metres in 7 weeks at ave  2,861 metres ( up from 2,744 metres in week 6)

Last week:  3,560 metres

A great week for running with the continuation of cool & dry weather. Summer has given us a miss this time, may be another time.
I had three days with vertical over 650 metres each which helped get the vert back into heading up. Distance wise, there were two days with distance under 7.5 kms, so it's still achievable to get to a solid run total with consistency & care.
A couple of pictures

from my run on Saturday to the top of the 2nd highest mountain in the Hobart area, just 10 metres short of the main one, Mt Wellington which dominates the skyline.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Week 6 - Down on Vert

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  520.2 kms in 6 weeks at ave  86.7 kms ( up from 85.7 kms in week 5 )

Last week:  91.75 kms

Altitude:  16,466 metres in 6 weeks at ave  2,744 metres ( down from 2,913 metres in week 5 )

Last week: 1,901 metres

Dropped down in vert this week as there was next to nothing over the weekend due to a flat run on Seven Mile Beach near Hobart airport.

The trails were all sandy through a pine tree lined nature park on one side of the peninsular with open beach on the other. But, as there was a high tide during our run, we had to go up the dunes to not get wet feet. Wet sandy filled shoes are no fun.This run was 2 laps of an 18 km circuit, had a vague plan at the start of doing 3 laps, but on the unforgiving soft sandy track, 2 was enough.
Wonderful scenery helped with the tough going.
Otherwise, the rest of the week was fairly normal. A chance to give the hills a miss, even though I still finished with 1,900 metres of vert.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Week 5 - Now Looking for Change of Scenery

Running: Year to Date

Distance:  428.45 km in 5 weeks at ave  85.7 kms ( up from 85.1 kms in week 4)

Last week:  87.95 kms

Altitude:  14,565 metres in 5 weeks at ave 2,913 metres ( up from 2,811 metres in week 4)

Last week: 3,321 metres

A Hobart local wrote about his weekend run that using Mt Wellington is becomes a bit mundane. While it's a wonderful location with so many tracks & great scenery, it's also technical running.
It's hard to find good flowing, good surface trails where you can just run without having to watch your feet all day.
A change of location even if losing out on some vertical might be the way to go.
As I am still new to the area, I don't know of, or where to find suitable flowing "nature park" type trails. Being undulating to hilly isn't the issue, it's not being able to " just run".
I did speak to the local running shop early on when I first arrived here. Seems I might need to drive an hour or so to find something suitable. Not going to do that, driving to a destination to start running is a waste of running time.
This week was just above average for both distance & vertical. Only one main training run was on Saturday with a good run of 40 kms with a bit over 2,000 metres of vert. It consisted of a big circuit starting close to home to the summit of Mt Wellington taking just under 6 hours of moving time. Stopped twice, once to chat to a group of Asian tourist from a cruise ship in the harbour who were half way up the mountain, and second time to a trail bike rider out to enjoy a few dirt kms in the mountain park.
Maintaining momentum at present with Convicts & Wenches 50 kms now 4 weeks away.
Final comment, still waiting for summer. Recent top temps of 25 degrees in late afternoon, always cloudy & always windy has felt like summer has passed us by. Winter in Qld may be.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Week 4 - On the Beach

Running:  Year to Date

Distance: 340.5 kms in 4 weeks at ave  85.12 kms  ( down from 87.05 kms in week 3)

Last week:  79.35 kms

Altitude:  11,244 metres in 4 weeks at ave  2,811 metres ( down from 3,182 metres in week 3)

Last week:  1,700 metres

Even when retired from working full time, you still need to geta away on a holiday. Just a week this time on a short trip to the north of the state to visit my now, non running younger brother & his wife.
He still had to work each day, but had his caravan down at the local caravan park, so it was a kind of holiday anyway.
The town is at sea level and the park was right next to the beach. Next to no vert during the week, just up and down the beach. Sometimes, when the tide was high, it meant soft sand, a tough challenge especially if the wind was against as well.
Low tide, perfect compact wet sand, and really good running bare feet through the water. Relaxing week, although I did miss not having a hill available to climb.
Back home today, Sunday, headed to the hills to get 20 kms done with 1,300 metres of up hill. Nice morning, sunny, mild temp, so hoping summer is here at last.
Still have 6 week until the first of the year's races which will be 50 kms mostly on beaches, so I did get some good training done for the expected conditions.
All good otherwise, being consistent is the key.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

2017 - 3 weeks done

Running: Year to Date

Distance:   261.15 kms in 3 weeks at ave  87.05 kms ( down from 92.5kms in week 2)

Last week:  76.15 kms

Altitude:  9,544 metres in 3 weeks at ave  3,182 metres ( up from 3,025 metres in week 2)

Last week; 3,494 metres

Only ran 4 days of last week at we had the builder at home making a few changes that were necessary. That took care of 2 days, then it rained on Friday, was cold as well, so stayed indoors.
But, on the upside, I ran last Sunday & today, Saturday so both hilly Mt Wellington days included in same week assisting especially the vert.
Not much yet to report for the year, summer still not here in full. Barely having a warm day, and Friday was cold & wet. Convicts & Wenches 50 km run is still 7 weeks away, so plenty of time to be ready.