Two Fruits

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Week 42 - Below Average

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  3,340.3 kms in 42 weeks at ave  79.5 kms ( down from 79.7 kms in week 41)

Last week:  69.55 kms

Altitude:  83,007 metres in 42 weeks at ave  1,976 metres ( down from 1,984 metres in week 41)

Last week:  1,634 metres

The week has consisted of running each day, the good news. However, with the house still full of unpacked boxes, there is plenty of work yet to do to make living less hectic.
No excuses, but we have continued to have almost winter weather with at least some rain every day. Late afternoon storms, sometimes only a few minutes are happening.
Two days ago, I went out running late afternoon wearing two shirts and a waterproof jacket as rain looked likely. It did rain half way through my run, but without gloves, my fingers froze. Air temp was 7 degrees, apparent temp 2 degrees. Wind chill, it was freezing.
I'm really running by opportunity at the moment. Far too many variables & interruptions, including the weather, to make contact with Hobart locals.
After Point to Pinnacle in 4 week's time, I'll take a one week break. I will probably run the GoneNuts101 km in late February next year. I can get serious about getting distance & time on feet. The long course of 101 kms includes about 2,500 metres of up hill but by the look of the course profile, there is nothing too serious in steepness.
Meantime, please can we have a day of sunshine in Tasmania. The daytime temp doesn't have to be too high, but so far in the past 2 and a half months, we haven't had a cloud free day.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Week 41 - Moving Time

Running - Year to Date

Distance:  3,270.75 kms in 41 weeks at ave   79.7 km ( down from 82.7 kms in week 39)

Last 2 weeks:  45.85 kms

Altitude:  81,373 metres in 41 weeks at ave  1,984 metres ( down from 2,044 metres in week 39)

Last 2 weeks:  1,650 metres

Two weeks ago we moved from our temporary living location at the local showgrounds as the annual show starts next week. The organisers need to clear out the motorhome part & spruce up the area ready for show patrons.
We moved to a caravan park at New Norfolk, a small country town about 20 kms away. We only needed to stay for a week as we waited for settlement & hand over for our new house to take place.
While out there, 2 short runs with only one of them having any vertical. The remaining days were either terrible weather or spent getting furniture moved in after 2-3 months being in storage.
Unpacking & getting organised at home will be an ongoing but slow process. No need to hurry after the basics of living have been found hidden in packing boxes.
I have entered Point to Pinnacle, a mountain run over 21 kms with 1250 metres of one way up hill coming up in four weeks time. This slack/rest/busy two weeks has been a bit of a setback, not unexpected, and I can't afford any more time off the hills.
I have done one check out run since moving in to our new home. A bit more flat road to get to the base of the hill than I have previously had to do. I found the start of the local fire trail after stopping to talk to a local. I ran just under one km to check it out, looks good at this stage. The local told me there are some trails closed to public use, but others are open. Apparently I could easily find 20 kms one way over a few peaks which will be just perfect. I'll need to take my map with me for the first couple of trips.
To stop boredom, I may travel once or twice a fortnight for variety for some hilly terrain plus mix up the usual flat quicker run. I'll find an oval or grassy park somewhere close as well for the occasional speed session.
It's going to take a while to get a routine but the main task is to be ready for P2P. Those dropping averages above need to get back above 80 kms & 2,000 metres asap.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Week 39 - Just Catching Up

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  3,224.9 kms in 39 weeks at ave  82.7 kms ( down from 83.3 kms in week 36)

Last 3 weeks:  224.6 kms

Altitude:  79,723 metres in 39 weeks at ave  2,044 metres ( up from 2,040 metres in week 36)

Last 3 weeks:  6,271 metres

I have been a bit slack in not updating the running but we have been house buying, so a little busy.
The house business is almost out of the way with settlement early next week. That means the unpacking can begin which may take a while but we won't be rushed. The problem will be finding a place for everything, or deciding on what can get thrown out or at least disposed of to a worthy home.
The running distances have come down not from reduced days, only 3 rest days, many have been under 10 kms with only one over 20 kms.
With so many fire trails on Mt Wellington directly behind Hobart city, finding altitude is no problem. A weekly total of vert around 2,500 metres can be gained easily. The dry bush trails are nice to run along with many parts a little rocky just to keep the mental concentration side focused.
I am still being consistent with my recovery routine as I have been able to get to the Derwent River 2-3 times a week. Water temperature is 12.7 degrees C, so spot on to cool down the legs.
Weather wise we have had a mild spring so far, mostly cloudy days, not much sunshine, but very little rain or showers. Trails are very dry, no mud. Too warm now for a chance of late winter snow.
Point to Pinnacle is my next race in around 6 week's time. It's a half marathon distance run up the road to the top of Mt Wellington from sea level to the summit at 1,270 metres.
Hopefully my feet & legs won't be trashed by the hard road surface, but I am looking forward to mixing it with a sold out field of 3,000 others walking or running.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Week 36 & Routine


Distance:  3,000.3 kms in 36 weeks at ave  83.3 kms ( down from 84.2 km in week 34)

Last week:  77.3  kms

Altitude:  73,452 metres in 36 weeks at ave  2,040 metres ( up from 2,014 metres in week 34)

Last week:  2,562 metres

I missed posting last week so this covers the past 2 weeks.
Mostly I have been house hunting so running has been on the short distance & flat. As well, trying to find suitable trails to run with a mix of flat & uphill has been interesting.
In Hobart, there are plenty of steep fire trails & walking tracks up Mt Wellington, so chasing the up hill is no problem. Finding suitable flat trails is more of a dilemma as I don't like or enjoy hard bike paths.
Otherwise, all good. House hunting is over now, house found but not moving for a month.
Weather is Ok, spring is here but it's now the windy season. It just doesn't stop blowing. Running into a strong North westerly is as good as some pushing up some hills.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Week 34 & Running Tasmania

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  2,862.2 kms in 34 weeks at ave 84.2 kms ( going down )

Last week:  54.85 kms

Altitude:  68,476 metres in 34 weeks at ave 2,014 metres ( going down as well )

Last week:  1,065 metres

A combination of bad weather, lack of motivation & inconsistent opportunities has resulted in no blog update for 3 weeks as not much running to report.
This week finally had 4 days of running done. Better weather meant I could head to the hills behind the city of Hobart without getting close to the big mountain. The smaller hills were a challenge as little running in 3 weeks took it's toll.
Hopefully, the house hunting will come to a close soon and proper living activities can become more regular.
Otherwise, all is good. I have Point to Pinnacle up Mt Wellington in mid November to be ready for. But a solid base from the first half of this year only needs to be topped up. Those dropping average figures above need to be going up not down.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Arrive Tasmania


Not much

I will update next week when life settles down after packing up a house & moving across Bass Strait to Tasmania to live permanently.

Running has taken a back seat recently, been a bit busy. At this stage, we are likely to live in Hobart with Mt Wellington as nice backdrop giving plenty of opportunity to continue the love of going up and down steep fire trails & single tracks.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Week 30 - Final Canberra Post

Running: Year to Date

Distance:  2,705.45 kms in 30 weeks at ave  90.2 kms ( down from 90.9 kms in week 29)

Last week:  64.1 kms

Altitude gain:  63,611 metres in 30 weeks at ave  2,120 metres( down from 2,125 metres in week 29)

Last week:  1,976 metres

This is my 2,013th post since I started Two Fruits way back when...don't really know the start date.
Not much has changed, the look has stayed the same.
Once upon a time I would update almost daily, but now I update at the end of the calendar week. This year started on a Friday.
I am leaving Canberra early next week to return to my home state of Tasmania. It was always on the cards once I retired from work, That was a few months ago now. The reason for coming to Canberra to live almost exactly 24 years ago was to be with family, more like the in-laws and to find work.
Work happened fairly quickly, and that's where I stayed for the next 23 years.
But the in-laws moved on after 6 years, and we stayed.
It was here I discovered my passion for hills, mountains & trails and soon left the suburban bike paths & roads far behind.
Long story in a few words, my leisure time & activities has taken me many places all in Australia & one trip to New Zealand when I ran Kepler Challenge on the south island back in about 2004.
The Canberra running community has been wonderful. So lucky to have so many nature parks & national parks close by to enjoy the great outdoors, all year round. Weather not really a major problem, just dress appropriately & do it. Hot and cold, dry & snowy, wind & rain can all happen here.
So returning to Tassie may present some challenges to find suitable running venues. If we live in the south of the state in or near the capital city of Hobart, then a big Mt Wellington directly behind the city is easily accessible, unless it's covered in thick snow in winter. But once the snow melts, then the huge number of fire trails will allow great places to go.
However, if we live in the north of the state, or north west coast of the island, then there a quite few less opportunities as the land has few trails unless you want to travel every time you want a good running place. Flat bike paths just don't make pleasant locations for me.
Before any real running can be consistent again, we have to move location, find somewhere to live & settle down after unpacking. That could easily be months so those average figures above will take a dive.
At this stage, all I plan to run is the challenging Point to Pinnacle race up Mt Wellington, doesn't matter where we live, in mid November. it's a 21 km half marathon distance with 1350 metres of up hill.
These updates may be a little infrequent for a while now, so bear with me until life settles down.
For those that read this and live in Canberra, thanks for being a part of my life, both running and otherwise.
I will no doubt be back here at times in the future and will catch up then.