Two Fruits

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Week 24 - So Much Uphill

Running: Year to Date

Distance:  1,758.55 kms in 24 weeks at ave  73.27 kms ( up from 73.03 kms in weeks 23)

Last week:  78.85 kms

Altitude:  60,697 metres in 24 weeks at ave  2,529 metres ( up from 2,455 metres in week 23)

Last week:  4,214 metres

Three big vert days in the 6 running days of this week. One day over 1500 metres, one of 1200 metres and one of 850 metres made up the bulk of the total.
Again, this week has been perfect winter weather. Mild days, no rain, just cool at night ( lows around 8 deg) under mostly sunny skies. In fact, other than the lower temps, better weather than we had all summer.
Still no snow on the mountains. Just have to wait a little longer for the bad weather to arrive.
Next race event is on next weekend on the east coast holiday area of Freycinet peninsular where the world famous Wineglass Bay is located. The beach & the area are regularly named in the top 10 beaches in the world.
However, on race day, I'll just have to run with camera in hand and take a few snaps on the run. Single track running will hopefully mean a few behind me, so I had better not stop to take too many pics.
Easy week coming up, better rest & freshen up a little for the 29 kms, 900 metres of vert event.
Ewen, where would I be on the Speedygeese Strava leader board for the year ? Certainly not doing the distance of you guys anymore.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Week 23 - Going Well

Running: Year to Date

Distance:  1,679.7  kms in 23 weeks at ave  73.03 kms ( up from 72.9 kms in week 22)

Last week:  76.15 kms

Altitude:  56,483 metres in 23 weeks at ave  2,455 metres ( up from 2,429 metres in week 22)

Last week:  3,036 metres

Another 6 day running week so happy to average over 500 metres of vertical per day. Pity about the just over 12 kms per day, but at least the weekly total was above average.
Two good hilly runs this week, with the other four being some nice easy flatter days. The weather for almost mid winter has been beautiful, perfect sunny days with cool temps.
Next race is two weeks away but as it is only 29 kms with 900 metres of vertical, there won't be any tapering. May be a rest day before but that's all. The location is on the east coast of Tasmania, so hoping the weather will be kind.
I've had three races in Tassie since arriving here to live. Point to Pinnacle back in Nov was a cold rainy day. Not impressed as race was changed to an out and back and couldn't go to the summit of Mt Wellington.
Second race was Convicts & Wenches 50 kms in early March. Perfect conditions along bush track & sandy beaches. Third race was Compass Club south marathon in early May at the southern most point of the state. Again, weather intervened, race shortened & changed to a half marathon.
In Tasmania, make the most of good weather, it doesn't last for long especially at this time of year.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Week 22 - Didn't Slow Down

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  1,603.55 kms in 22 weeks at ave  72.9 kms ( up from 72.8 kms in week 21)

Last week:  74.25 kms

Altitude:  53,447 metres in 22 weeks at ave  2,429 metres ( up from 2,420 metres in week 21)

Last week:  2,622 metres

Not too bad for a 5 day running week. Two rest days, I don't schedule rest days but take them when other things have to be done or the weather is not too kind.
Main highlight of the week was a terrific run into the local mountains with 9 others from the Hobart Trail Runners group where we bagged 4 good peaks in one day.
First one had a steep track that was easy to follow.
Second, a rough rocky track where I averaged 31 mins per km. It was a very slow section, but well worth it for the views from the top. Going down was just as slow, bit scary at times due to the rocks.
Third peak not too steep but through lots of low bushes, glad I wore the new gaiters for lower leg protection.
Last peak track I had done three times before, so knew the way. Easy start then rock hopping nearing the top. Wonderful views from the top of each peak. Some pics here to show the scenery.

Peaks covered today were Collins Cap, Trestle Mtn, Mt Marian & Collins Bonnet. They are not high, between 1000 & 1260 metres above sea level but all will be covered in winter snow in a few weeks as the cold weather takes control. The two Collin's mountains would still be accessible, but the other two would be too dangerous. Getting it done today with others who hadn't been there before was really wonderful. Can't wait for snow to fall & settle. Ground is still too warm for it to stay around as well as the mild temps we are still getting. Just have to be patient & wait.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Week 21 - Can Slow Down Now

Running:   Year to date

Distance:  1,529.3 kms in 21 weeks at ave  72.8 kms  ( down from 73.2 kms at week 20)

Last week:  65.4 kms

Altitude:   50,825 metres in 21 weeks at ave  2,420 metres ( up from 2,396 metres at week 20)

Last week:  2,900 metres

Really good consistent week of hills running. Last Sunday was a rest day not planned but due mainly to family visitors arriving unexpected. Good chance to freshen up.
Of the 6 running days, three had good hills in them with more than 600 metres of vertical each.
I have a group mountain fun, training, exploration run planned for next weekend. On Thursday, I did the second recce to find the easiest way to get 4 mountain peaks covered in the one day. Unfortunately, low cloud meant not getting to the summits of the couple I wanted to visit. But, given a clear sunny day, the scenery & views will make it all worthwhile.
I have covered my first vertical target for the year now with 50,000 metres of up in five months. I'll again target 100,000 metres of vert for the year, so can slow down the requirements. Winter is not really the time to be standing on alpine mountain peaks. Snow is forecast down to 900 metres on the mountains behind Hobart on Sunday. Might get a chance to get up close soon.
Otherwise, all good.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Week 20 - Good Consistency

Running: Year to date

Distance: 1,463.9 kms in 20 weeks at ave  73.2 kms ( up from 71.8 kms at week 19)

Last week:  100.35 kms

Altitude:  47,925 metres in 20 weeks at ave  2,396 metres ( up from 2,322 metres at week 19)

Last week:  3,813 metres

A really good week of consistent running/fast walking starting last Sunday with my first 6 hour Rogaine.
Three of us called Team Hickory entered although I was the only one with no experience. Both other team members did have some orienteering knowledge. My contribution was I could read a map and knew the sun should be in the north. We had a good day finishing 9th overall, 2nd in our veteran's age group, covering 33.8 kms with 840 metres of climbing through some suburban streets and open bush.
During the week, I managed two nice runs over "not been there before" mountains. Good to find new places. Both had scenic views through open cloudy skies.
To cap off a 7 day running week, I did my local hill, twice up Goat Hill. Lucky to get this done early morning as the rain started mid afternoon as it would have been cold with the southerly wind blowing.
So consistency was the key to the week. Run every day, although some were really easy, recovery type runs where I walk up some up the slopes, certainly not pushing the pace.
The aim is to get 50k metres in vert by end of this month, so that's now achievable. That will allow a slow down over the winter months & still get to 100k metres be year's end.
All good at the moment waiting for the first snow falls on the higher parts of the local mountains. A run or two in the powder snow will be nice before heading north to escape the winter cold.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Week 19 - Highs & Lows

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  1,363.55 kms in 19 weeks at ave  71.8 kms ( down from 73.85 kms in week 17)

Last 2 weeks:  108.1 kms

Altitude:  44,112 metres in 19 weeks at ave  2,322 metres ( down from 2,425 metres in week 17)

Last 2 weeks:  2,883 metres

The last two weeks was highlighted by a trip to the southern most point of Tasmania. This is where there is nothing but cold ocean water between you and Antarctica.
I had entered the marathon being conducted by the Compass Club. Their intention is to conduct a marathon run at each compass point plus in the centre of Australia. This was the first one.
However, the fickle Tasmanian weather was unkind. The previous days were Ok, for this time of year. But the late afternoon & night before, the heavens opened up with plenty of rain & big winds. Being in a very remote area, no phone reception, isolated trails & little hope for a quick rescue in need, the RD's made the decision to reduce the marathon to a half.
We were to still cover much of the same area, getting into the remote wilderness & still witnessing the rough sees of the Southern Ocean.
I was never going to trouble the leaders, so I took my time to enjoy the run. Took the camera & snapped plenty of pictures. I did have a good run taking just under 2 and half hours for the 21 kms. This may not look too fast but some of the pictures will show it was slow going as well as stopping for the photo opps.

With the tapering before, some running but expecting to be challenged by a full marathon, both distance & altitude for the past two weeks have gone backwards. However, not having to recover from a full marathon means post race was running was easy.
This weekend I'm attempting my first 6 hour rogaine. No idea of what to expect except find control points marked on a map. I'll just follow the team captain.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Week 17 - Maintaining Averages

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  1,255.45 kms in 17 weeks at ave 73.85 kms ( up from 73.6 kms in week 15)

Last 2 weeks:  150.5 kms

Altitude:  41,229 metres in 17 weeks at ave  2,425 metres ( down from 2,456 metres in week 15)

Last 2 weeks:  4,883 metres

The further the year progresses, the harder it is to move the averages. Seemed like I was having a good couple of weeks, but I did have a week on holiday when there was no serious running done.
Just a few days when the chance arose, to get a few kms done.
I have two events coming up soon. First is the Compass Club South marathon starting at Cockle Creek in southern Tasmania. This will be the most southern marathon in Australia as it takes in the South Coast Walking track on the very edge of the state. Chances are the weather will be unkind as much as the RD is emailing to say weather conditions will be Ok. Most likely, if no rain, there will be a cool southerly or westerly wind blowing. Whatever the conditions, it will be a fun day. Not taking the run/result seriously as I will carry the camera to take plenty of photos.
A week later, I will be teaming up to participate in a 6 hour Rogaine. Never done one of these or orienteering, so a new experience. It's not meant to be too difficult, suburban bush conditions, I'm told. Again, I just follow the leader & see what happens.
After that, I'll concentrate on getting to 50,000 metres by end of May ( 5 months). The vertical challenge to get to 100,000 metres by year's end will have to take a back seat as I hope to escape the winter weather in Tasmania & head north to the warmth & sunshine for a few months.